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“RODS” was formed in 1949 and our aim is to promote the performance of live theatre in the Rayleigh Area.

Our productions range from Wilde and Ibsen to Rogers & Hammerstein through to Pantomime.
We have a wide age range and a try where possible to promote the involvement of all ages.

We are a friendly and diverse group who are always pleased to welcome new members
who wish to participate onstage, backstage, directing or in any administrative role.

Due to COVID, we are currently "dark" and coupled with the announcement of the closure of
The Mill Arts and Events Centre in Rayleigh due to finacial reasons centred on the COVID Pandemic,
we are also without a main performance venue.

Early in 2021 the Executive Committee will be looking at alternative venues, and we may have to change
the type of productions we stage depending on the type / size of venue we can obtain.

Until such time as COVID has passed / reduced we will not be rehearsing face to face,
although current members are still in contact on our regular in-house Zoom Quizes.

If you would like more details about the group / would like to be notified when we start to meet again
please contact us via